Facial Abuse Sasha Sweet


Sasha Sweet is a sexy little piece of ass. Apparently she knows some dudes that I know, and one of them tried to talk her out of doing this Facial Abuse scene. What a fuckin' homo! Right??

Anyways, she is like this WoW geek who is a nympho and wanted to be sexually degraded. She loves being treated like a worthless whore, so we did just that. She was treated like any other bitch on Facial Abuse, and she was brutally face fucked without mercy. After giving her a face messed up with puke and drool, we leashed her up and had her walk around like a dog. It wouldn't be complete without making her bark like a dog as well, so we made that happen.

I have to admit, that Sasha Sweet really does make a good pet. We all took turns on her throat, jamming cocks down it like her mouth was a black powder muzzle loader. After her throat was used and abused, we took turns fucking her tight pussy as she whimpered like a little puppy.

We sat her down as she remained all leashed up, and then nutted all over her hooker face. As if that weren't degrading enough, we scooped the jizz off with a spoon and fed her cum like it was a puppy snack. If she had a tail, she'd have wagged it. This is a Facial Abuse scene that should not be missed!


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